Looking to upgrade

So I'm looking at upgrading my system.

Here's what I'm looking at right now.



I'm thinking I can overclock the ram to 1066 to get the full use out of the motherboard's speeds. Other people claim to have been able to.

I currently have a Gforce 7800 GT as my GFX card. I'll upgrade that when the next Gforce card comes out and the 8800 GT's drop in price even more.

Am I screwing up anything here like clashing compatibility or just making any stupid buying decisions?
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  1. Great choices imho. Should be very overclockable and provide high performance when coupled with 8800 or better GPU.
  2. Should be a very good system and just so you know there is a 8800GT on Newegg for $145 after MIR and I don't think you'll find much better than that.
  3. I was looking around at their 8800's and I saw this one

    It's about 6 dollars cheaper than the one you listed Ausch, is pre overclocked, and comes with a game.

    I don't know though. When is the next generation of Gforce GFX card coming out? I would expect the price to drop quite a bit once it is available.
  4. I saw that one but it didn't get very good reviews so that's I suggested the one I did.
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