which would be best:Athlon 64 X2 6000+ or Core 2 Duo E4600

i was wanting to know which one should i get for gaming? the athlon 6000+ cost $114 and the core 2 duo e4600 cost $120.
i know intel has fast processors but how much does a 6000+ 3.0ghz compare to a e4600 2.4ghz? i would like to set these as the highest prices i would spend.
would the intel shared 2mb cache be better than amd's 2x1mb cache? i here intel has a more efficient cache, is this right? i might be willing to over clock the intel processor a little if needed. i'm going to use a ATI HD4850 with one of the processors.which would not be a bottle neck or if at all? thanks
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  1. wow, another amd vs intel thread....
  2. Outside of the cost of the CPU there is also the cost of the motherboard, which cannot be discounted in your calculations.

    However I think the 6000+ is leagues ahead of the E4600, so I would buy the AMD.
  3. wh3resmycar said:
    wow, another amd vs intel thread....

    I think his question is 100% genuine, comparing two CPUs of different architectures and very similar price ! Surely a question asked by anyone buidling a system on a budget.
  4. The 6000+ compares to the e6600 not overclocked. Intel processors overclock greatly if you care to.

  5. I gathered up some charts to help you in your quest.

    Unreal Tournament 2004

    Quake IV


    If you have an extra 10 dollars for the e7200, it will treat you right with its sse4 instructions (for multimedia purposes) and should be faster than the 6000+.
    However the 6000+ for 114 dollars is hard to pass up when looking for a good price/performance.
  6. The X2-6000+ will be the fastest at Stock between those.
    If you are not going to OC, that would be a good choice.

    I could consider the E2180 for about $70 should beat the X2-6000 when both are OC'd.

    As Dweebo mentioned, the E7200 for only a couple dollars more is a real step up.
  7. I was going to suggest the E8200 for "not very much more" :)
  8. I was going to say who cares about the CPU when the graphics card is going to make the most difference.

    Buy a HD4870 and stick any low end core 2 cpu in it ... with a decent overclock thats nice.

    Get a decent heatpipe tower cooler to keep the temps down a bit.
  9. akistzortzis said:
    I was going to suggest the E8200 for "not very much more" :)

    That's alot more! For like $10 more http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819115052 you get a more energy efficient chip that both of the above and outperfroms them both! (Then again you could OC a Pentium Dual-Core and buy a HD4850... or 2... HD4870 isn't as worth it... $100 more 20% more performance...
  10. At stock speeds, the X2 6000+ is generally better for gaming. If you are willing to overclock in the E4600 would overtake it as it has a lot more overclocking headroom.

    However, as others have said, the E7200 is probably the best choice. Its easily faster than both chips at stock and is the best overclocker too, it aint that much more expensive either at around $130.
  11. the e7200 sounds like a good buy from what most of you say.
    the free shipping looks nice. i think this will be the best choice.
    i have read a lot about overclocking so just in case i decide to i have the option.

    thanks for the replies
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