Adding 2nd hd to vista 64bit laptop

I bought a 320gb hard drive to add to the 200gb drive in my XPS1730. The drive was listed in the bios as a 2nd drive but under disk management as drive 0. I could not initialize the drive and after numerous attempts i was asked if I wanted to format the drive which came as a surprise. I chose to format but it now is in limbo - i can't get into disk management - first it tells me that it is 'connecting to a virtual disk service' and then after 10 minutes or so it changes to 'loading disk cofiguration information' where it stays indefinately without going any further. If I reboot or shutdown and do a cold start it takes 10 minutes just to load windows and I can't do anything to confirm that the drive has initialized or formatted. Please help, someone.
Thank you.
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  1. Disconnect the 320gb drive and see if it boots normally. Something screwed here, did you create a partition on the new drive, this needs to be done before it can be formatted.
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