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I have a USB PnP Sound Device. It needed a signed digital driver so I updated the driver and it was working ok. Then suddenly (after grandkids were on computer)its not working. It still shows installed, but shortcut is missing andI cant find a way to launch it. Can anhyonehelp??
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  1. what shortcut is missing? (I mean you say you have a device, which is hardware, there's no shortcuts to hardware that you should need) So if there's some program that came with this mystery device, can you recreate the shortcut? can you reinstall the software? can you check that the program is still installed? (in program files)
  2. If u don't know what and all happened there, just uninstall and install the driver/program again. It will recreate the state of driver/application that was there before.
  3. Type in the name of the application in the search bar when you press the windows button.
    E.g. - microsoft word

    And Microsoft word (If Installed) will be at the top of your search options.
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