Normal Temperatures, including one being very different?

While I don't think my temperatures are high, I want to make sure that things are looking ok... Q9550, Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro cooler.

CPU0 39
CPU1 30
CPU2 37
CPU3 38

CPU0 53
CPU1 47
CPU2 51
CPU3 51

My main question here is if this temperature difference in CPU1 is abnormal. I can imagine that a 1-2 Celcius difference isn't too strange, but I can't really understand why there's a 6-9 degree difference on one of the CPUs.

I'm using CPUID's Hardware Monitor

Thanks, kslghost
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  1. I've never seen anything like that. I have a Phenom X4 920 and all 4 cores are always the same temperature in CPUIDHW...

    My only thought is that the thermal compound isn't homogeneous across the processor cover, but I'm not an expert.
  2. Currently, my temps read 39, 27, 42, 42. 27 seems extremely low, and it seems like that is the one being misread, not the others. Any thoughts? I'm considering OCing and doing a burn-in test. Also, my CPU temp is 24, that's not too abnormal, right?
  3. Also, when I start small FFTs, my the temp on Core 1 jumps instantly from 27 to 42. Could this just be some poorly calibrated/mounted temperature guage?

    They settled at 54, 48, 52, 50... could my cooler be seated poorly?
  4. Those look fine. I wouldn't worry at all with those temps.
  5. Thanks for the reassurance. The temps themselves are of no concern, just the massive difference. But after overclocking and hitting higher temps, I'm just going to assume that the highest is the most accurate temperature gauge and just assume that the lower one is just a little off.
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