Backing up old video (vhs) to hard drive

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So i need some help and advice please. How can i back up old video tapes to my computer's hard drive?

What equipment will i need?

What software is needed?

Has anybody done this, please help.
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  1. You need something like the BELKIN DVD Creator USB 2.0 link below gives details, software required comes with it. While this is an Australian site such devices would be available in your local stores or online.
    Depending on your needs you can also get capture devices as part of a tv tuner, in usb or pci/pcie cards also with software included and about the same price or more depending on brand and features, like dual tv tuners and fm radio.
    You simply take the output from the vcr's audio & video using standard rca leads, record using the supplied software, playtime = record time, no short cuts.
    The tv cards usually come with adptors for standard rca connections.
  2. +1 for the tv tuner if you have a decent vhs player still

    can also use it for ATSC (DTV Over the Air) and ClearQAM (unencrypted local channels from cable)
  3. Janmor that link shows only the their site, not the actual product

    Thanks guys, Im not sure wether to get that cable or a TV tuner
  4. Sorry about that, they must have it riiged to go back to home page for some strange reson.
    Try the Belkin link:
  5. I have converted all my old VCR tapes to DVD. The only reason I mention this is that some off my tapes had a copy protection that prevented coping them. Bought a GoDVD model2 made by SIMA.
  6. If you are trying to copy protected media I doubt this will solve your problem, as the vcr will encrypt the outgoing signal.
    Modern player & recorders have hardware encoding to prevent protected content being copied. The result will be a distorted signal.
  7. The GoDVD device works, as I said I backed up all my VCR movies - Would have backed up my Laser disk collection but the laser disk play went Kaput.

    Just google GoDvd sima
  8. RetiredChief said:
    The GoDVD device works, as I said I backed up all my VCR movie Just google GoDvd sima
    It does work, but unfortunately it's been discontinued for some time and has become very hard to find.
  9. Nice one guys, some really good options here, thanks

    BTW some help with this?
  10. smilal - alas, probably got run over by "copy protection" clods. I've had mine for a good number of years 6 or 8). Think I got it from COMPUSA. It was not the greatest but worked for VCR "Quality" and I could back-up some of my DVDs that programs back then could not.
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