case needed with good cable management and space for water cooling

Hi all,

i am looking for a a good case with good cable management and space for water cooling later on. i stupidly got a jeantech case from PC WORLD because it looked good, once home realised it had sharp edges to cut both me and cables, poor airflow even with numorus fans and genral poor build quality.

well as i said i am looking for new one now with good cable management and the posibility of water cooling later on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. What's your budget?
  2. no more than £150, this time i want to spend a bit more and get the right one
  3. So you live in UK...
    I'm not famliar with prices there, but assuming 2US$/£ and newegg prices, my suggestions are:

    1 -
    This is the most expensive, but the best. Big, full of features and ready for WC. In the US it costs $299. There used to be a model with no transparent side panel (who needs it?) where you could save some $20. If you find it, go for it.

    2 -
    Also very good, and also cheaper. $229 after rebate, great cable management and ready wor WC as well.
  4. thanx these cases look good, think i'll go with the coolermaster as its ready to go
  5. oops sorry i ment the silvertone
  6. could anyone tell me if the Antec 1200 or Thermaltake Armor would be a good buy before i get the silverstone
  7. Gigabyte 3D aurora 570.

    Loads of space, good cooling, water cooling ready, excelent cable management
  8. the best one i've found is the NZXT Khaos
  9. I don't do any water cooling, but I can say though that the Thermaltake Armor is a pretty big case. I have one for my current rig and I have not had any space issues. I am sure you could set up a comprehensive water cooling system with it.
  10. One possible solution, albeit not the best ( )

    It's a shame that NewEgg has so many cases in the $100-$200US range but almost all don't meet your needs (H20 cooling) or are hideous/cheap-looking.
  11. I would suggest this one:
    it's already set up to have a watercooling system inside
  12. I also have the Thermaltake Armor. It is huge. It has lots of space. The PSU was a real pain to get in though. It looks like they have slightly redesigned them though and it seems to be better. I am running an external water cooling on mine using a Reserator XT and using the pre made holes for the tubes. I love the air filters on the front as My office is also the laundry room and that lint plays havoc. I removed the big fan from the side panel of the armor and close it up so that the only air would come in through the front vents which have the filters. I love the small drawer in it also is it holds my screws and stuff. It holds E-ATX MB's so it works for the XEON motherboards.

    Probably the only thing I can really complain about it the tigh fitting psu chamber mine has and there is no cable management. It is also HEAVY.
  13. I am using the Antec P-180 case, with 2x 120 mm rads IN the case, pump in the bottom, bay res, and it is whisper quiet.

    Fairly cheap too, around $100-120 US.

    Added a third 120 rad to the top to cool my Q9450, and 2x 8800 GTX's. Cpu stays mid 40's load, and gpu's stay mid 50's.
  14. I am running a Gigabyte Aurora with WC. The 2x120 mounts directly to the back of the 2x120's. I recently added a big passive radiator to the side as well. It's pretty big inside, and there is room for a bay res and pump as long as you don't run SLI or Crossfire....or get one of those little pumps. I cut out my HDD bays to mount my pump there...and put my drives in a bay cooler mount.
  15. thanx for every bodys help on this, befor i go and buy one of them is there anyone with a Antec 1200 and can tell me how much room there is between the mobo tray and side of the case
  16. ^ Yeah, good call. I have been curious about the 1200 since they came out. Would be nice to see a good comparison on the 900 vs 1200. Any links to reviews??

  17. if i get a Antec p-182, updated version of the p-180, i think i could mount 2 120mm radiators at the back and top, right? providing i am right so far would this cool the coolent well enoughf to cool my rig.
    9600 GSO
    NB and SB

    plus anythink else you recomend cooling

  18. Check this one
    LianLi PC-A70 Case
    Spacious, ready for water cooling and lot of fans
  19. kad said:
    Check this one
    LianLi PC-A70 Case
    Spacious, ready for water cooling and lot of fans

    I use the Lian-Li A70 myself, great case, lots of room. However, it is expensive. It like someone saying "Can you recommend me a good car?" and us replying "Yes, get a Mercedes E400".
  20. thanx for all your help, i have decided to with Antec p-182 as i really like the look of it and has space for 3 120x120mm radiators.
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