[b] Gigabyte 48t-DQ6 looping after post - won't boot dvd drive [/b]

Hi All,

First time I have ever been stuck building a PC in over 18 years.

First time setting up a raid 0 and installing Vista (ultimate 32 bit).

I have been following this guide I found - http://www.legitreviews.com/article/454/1/ and have set up the raid array fine.

However - I simply can not get the system to boot from DVD i.e. what page 2 states should happen automatically with Vista if the cd-rom is in the boot sequence - it just constantly posts round and round (Intel raid takes a while to boot).

I have tried every combination of the Intel and Gigabyte raid combo on this board - I can get neither to look for the dvd.

Even pressing F12 and selecting the DVD drive in there (which allows it to then be selectable in the bios - instead of just saying cd-rom it states pwo lite-on dvd (which I thought was a breakthrough) turned out to do nothing).

I have swapped all cables removed raid tried ide etc etc etc

No doubt I am missing a vital simple part not explained in the manual.

It's starting to be a real pain in the rear - any help will be greatly appreciated.


removed all SATA stuff and put a HD with clean install of xp and ide DVD drive - even after removing all sata option and setting only IDE - still same problems as above (and yes have checked the dvd of Vista - works like a charm in my other systemwith the same drive).

Driving me nuts

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  1. Can you boot any other DVDs from that drive?
  2. No can;t get anything to boot
  3. My guess is the drive isn't reading the discs correctly. I have seen rare cases where a drive would not work on a specific motherboard, but when tried in other machines it would boot fine. Maybe you can try a BIOS update on the motherboard? Is this DVD drive new?
  4. I have a brandnew sata dvd drive and my old DVD IDE drive - it won;t boot from either - plus even if I take all those off and leave the ide Hardrive connected with xp on it - still nothing.
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