Just can’t decide on mombo

Hi All,
Yeah I know more of the same, but if someone there can give me different point of view, or a good advice personal experience that will help me to make up my mind, I will be grateful.
Well here it is;
I don’t want to use SLI or cross fire (ever) so I don’t care about second PCI-Express slot.
Parts I got so far are, Evga 9800gtx, q6600, psu etc…
What I need is 8gb of ram, mombo, and case. One more thing I want to use ifx-14 (1/2 of giga-byte boards not compatible)
I need an advice about the case and mombo. Antec 900 vs 180/182, anyone?
Note I am from Israel, and the parts here cost like 40-50% more than in US, please take it under consideration.
Cheep mombo will be the ds3r I think. Price in Israel 180USD. The board ok, but it had his downsides, and a lot’s of them. Don’t get me wrong I think it a good board, for the money. Anyone have better choice at this price range?
The Abit IP35 Pro looks good, but it cost 280USD here, and x38 or x48 starts at 320USD, they don’t have real advantages over the 35, but something 2 think about. (I don’t use cross fire)
I will try pushing the cpu q6600@3200 not more, I will use raid 5, and I will use the 8GB of ram.
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  1. If you're looking for a perfect board, it doesn't exist. Every board has pros & cons. The DS3R is a solid overclocker. I have that in my family pc with an overclocked Celly 1.6ghz to 3Ghz.

    What I'm saying is you can spend 1000 dollars on a mobo or 100, it makes no differences if you're not overclocking. Maybe a firewire connector or a 2nd LAN. You can get a firewire card & network card for cheap.

    Q6600 @ 3.2GHZ is easy. Overclocking depends on luck & skills. It's pretty much like poker. You got a great hand, but you don't lie. You lose. The other guy with a crap hand goes all-in. Good hand in poker is like a good cpu in computers. Lying in poker is like skills in overclocking. You got both. You win no matter what mobo you have.
  2. LOL dude, all true, but I used ds3r +q6600 in few builds, 2 out of 5 DOA and I had DDR2 OC issues with this board, plus all the knows problems with the board. I am just looking 4 a reason to pick another board. Ds3r just don’t feel right, can’t explain it. Call me optimist, but I am looking for perfect board hehe.
  3. the 180/182 is made to be quiet and cools well without too much noise

    the 900 is flashey and full of fans
  4. well i like the 18x better my self...
    q...the 182 cost 40USD more than 180 here, what was the main change?
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