775 motherboard support win2003 server

hi all. i wonder, do any 775 motherbaord for desktop support windows 2003 server? what are they? thank for your help
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  1. I had a win2k3 installation copied from an old HP Vectra machine to an IDE drive partition.
    That worked fine (the MOBO was a ASDROCK 4coredual-VSTA - the 775DUAL-VSTA should work also)
    until my IDE drive died!

    Now I am trying to get a diskimage working on an internal SATA disk instead.
    This fails with a "disk read error press CTRL_ALT_DEL".
    I am searching around and as I can access the disk using UBCD4WIN.
    I could update the MBR and the bootrecord using UBCD4WIN but its still not working!!!

    I am a bit confused that I cannot boot win2k3 from the SATA drive!

    However, this might be the end of compatibility and supported OSes.

    Anyone any ideas to this?
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Motherboards Support Windows Server 2003 Servers