DP35DP and Q9300: Vccp out of range (0.000V)

I have assembled a new PC. I am getting Vccp out of range errors from
the Intel desktop utilities

Following is the configuration:

Processor: Intel Q9300 quad core
Motherboard: Intel DP35DP
Transcend DDR2: 1GB x 2
XFX 8600 GT 256 MB PCI express card
PSU: Corsair VX450W
WD 250 GB SATA drive
Lite-on IDE DVD drive
Cabinet: Cooler Master
Fans: outlet and inlet fan

When I had bought the motherboard, its battery was drained. The
battery had to be replaced in-order to upgrade the BIOS and also to
stop the system from hanging (when there was a CD/DVD in the SATA
drive) at the BIOS screen itself .

I have installed Windows XP SP2 (ACPI uniprocessor HAL had to be
selected as default install of XP results in BSOD
IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error). The system seems to be working fine, however the Intel utility keeps on reporting out of range errors. I
have upgraded to the latest BIOS and drivers from Intel; but these
alarms keep on popping up. Also, these errors are mostly present when there is any activity on the network - if the network is plugged out then most of the time these errors are not there.

Are these errors serious: can they cause any damage. I have already
changed the PSU (replaced cooler master 390W with Corsair VX450W) but that has not helped in getting rid of the alarm.

Please suggest if this is a problem with the motherboard or some other
component. Has anyone faced similar problems?

Its still close only to a week and I may be able to get a replacement
for the damaged component.

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  1. I had written to Intel support on this issue.

    They have got back saying that it is an issue with Intel Desktop Utilities as it is not optimized for DP35DP motherboard series.....
  2. asbip, I've got the same problem. My configurations is similar yours. I just have the HD and CD drivers different. The motherboard, processor, videoboard are the same. My computer freeze frequently and the unique error that I found was the VCCP voltage higher than normal.
  3. I had the same problem could not figer it out, then I downloaded "Intel® Desktop Utilities for 3 and 4 Series Intel® Desktop Boards [Beta]" from the intel support site for DP35DP and all my problems are so far gone, I dont get that messege anymore, I also downloaded all the latest drivers for DP35DP motherboard.
  4. I had the same problem after a long period using my PC.

    It was a power supply problem.

    To fix it,
    1. clean all fans (after checking they are properly working
    2. clean the inside fan of the Power supply and remove dusts with a Hoover

    This is probably because of the heat


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