Can't Overclock a Q9550 w/650 MoBo

I have a Dell XPS 630 with a Nvidia 650 SLI MoBo and a Q9550. I have tried 10 ways from Sunday to oc this processor in BIOS and cannot get a post.
I can oc in the Nvidia Performance Tools up to about 3.1GHz (365FSB) before the system freezes. In reading another post about a Q9550, the guy said his memory was increasing as he incresed the FSB. I have mine "unlinked" and voltages are set to "auto". I have tried raising and lowering voltages but no success. Is is possible that Dell through the BIOS software flash has somehow created an unclockable combo? Others with the same MoBo can oc the E8400 and E8500 processors and can also oc the 6000 series. The Q9000 series processors are unclockable in BIOS. I'm not sure about the QX9650 in whether it can be oc'd or not in BIOS. Does anyone have a solution aside from using the MoBo as a frisbie and getting a good one. :lol:


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  1. Dells BIOS will be stopping you overclocking .
  2. I figured that, is there a way to change the BIOS to allow overclocking? Or is this something that Dell has to create?
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