How can i delete a corrupt/unreadable folder when chkdsk doesn't work?

i have a folder on my desktop that is not empty but when i try to open it (via GUI or command line) it will not. i get "the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable" and it wants me to run check disk. when i do, i then get an application error on boot up. so i boot in safe mode with command line and disable check disk on boot up so i can get back into windows with no problem however the folder is still there and unable to open and/or delete. fsutil tells me that the c drive is dirty, but i just can't clean it.

how can i delete "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop\New Folder"?

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  1. You can try right clicking the file and in properties make sure read only is not checked. while there check the permissions in the security tab.
    If you get an error message trying to access then you've got to fix the disk.
    Run chkdsk /r and let it scan for bad sectors.
  2. i can uncheck the "read only" box, but the settings will not stay (yes i have admin rights to the computer) and i get an application error when the computer reboots to try adn run chkdsk.

    any other suggestions?
  3. I normally use a tool called LongPath. It can delete any corrupted or locked files and remove everything easily with a click. Best ever i used.
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