Looking to spend 1000-1400

Age of Conan just came out and my three year old computer cannot run it even on low settings. I was thinking of buying a pre-built computer. Anyone recommend a good computer builder (dell, gateway, cyberpowerpc etc or just hire someone to build one for me. Any advice
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  1. build one urself. its simple as heck.

    2x 2gb crucial ballistix tracer
    8800gts 512mb
    wd 6400aaks
    antec neohe 550w
    antec solo case (quiet, bit small, hard drive suspension, sexy black color, toolless entry)
  2. im 15 yrs old. my birthday is june 23rd, 1992. i built this pc all by myself. antec neohe 430w, e4600, 8800gt 512,ga-p35-ds3l, x-fi xtremegamer,vista home premium 32, 2x 1gb crucial ballistix tracer, wd1600aajs, antec p150(same as solo, just white, its discontinued now, came with the neohe)

    im typing on it right now. oh yeah, get a samsung 2053bw or 2253bw lcd monitor, it is soooooooo beautiful. it looks highend and it spins around without u having to lift it.
  3. Groosem, while I enjoy building my own rigs there's times when its time to buy a pre-built system too. If you have the experience and time you may want to build one yourself (you'll get more for your money...easily). ...but if you want something that just works out of the box then I gotta recommend Dell (as much as it hurts to recommend purchasing a pre-built system).

    Keep in mind you're in a hardware forum so you're not going to get too many recommendations to purchase a pre-built...just about everyone is going to tell you to build it yourself. However, there's instances where that's not appropriate.

    If you want a warranty, one-stop shopping, and don't mind paying a little more for the convenience...buy a Dell. If you want to control every part that goes into your system and save money, you'd need to build your computer yourself.

    PCgamer12, everyone that wants to play a videogame and needs a new computer doesn't necessarily want to construct one.
  4. The advantage to building your rig is the choice of components, the main ones being the power supply and video card. Dells are good but for a gamer I do think cyper is better choice.
  5. Thanks for the comments. My friend built my last computer. I like the advantage of having my own parts for the money but it comes with headaches if something goes wrong. I may check cyberpower out.
  6. Avoid Cyberpower. Terrible customer support according to several reviews.

    Let's see what 1400 will buy you. I am assuming you don't need a monitor.

    Dell will sell you a E8400 system with 4GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive, 8800GT 512MB for $1379. (XPS 630)

    Let's look at Maingear which is one of the best system builders out there.
    Maingear is around $1,500 for the same setup, but provides a vastly better experience. (Prelude Core)

    CyberPower is the cheapest at around 1300, but be wary of the after the sale parts.
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