is the P5E a really good motherboard???

hello people, i need an x38 mobo for an ati 4850 Crossfire, and i can get, here in argentina, an asus P5E, a 270 U$S NEW with 6 months warranty.

is this a good motherboard? really good or so so?

im was surprised when i saw that this motherboard was at 224 dollars on newegg, and the P5E deluxe X48 was 219 dollars, and the gigabyte X48 DS4 was at the same price that the P5E, how is it explained, is the p5e a really god mother?, because the prices says that!

well, i need your opinions!
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  1. I got a simulair MD (Asus P5E WS PRO) and i am very happy with it. I Payed 280 Dollars (178 Euro's) for it and it was certainly worth it.
  2. although i would go with one of the X48's if i were you. It's cheaper and it's a newer chipset.
  3. no, i can't go with one of them, becuase in my country i can get only 2 mobos:

    ASUS p5E x38 at 270 dollars with 6 months warranty NEW
    DFI X38 DK T2R At 250 dollars with 6 months warranty NEW

    Which is better?
  4. then i would go with the Asus P5E. Because the P5E and the P5E WS Pro are not exactly the same i googled a review wich looks pretty ok.
  5. well people, i have 3 options:

    1) P5E at 270 dollar, NEW
    2)DFI DK X38 T2R at 250 dollars, NEW
    3) Asus Maximus Formula X38 at 280 dollars, NEW

    which one should i get?
  6. well, now im decided to buy the Maximus Formula, but a friend told me that this mobo has the issue that says CPU Init, and its irreparable. is it true, should i get worried of this?
  7. Only problem i know of with that MB is that it needs to be flashed to a new bios version to use the new generation Quadcore cpu's (Q9....).
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