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Problem with 2x WD 1.5tb Green's as Spanned Volume

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September 6, 2009 9:05:04 AM

I picked up a couple of Western Digital 1.5tb Green's 3 weeks ago and I think one might be a dud. I say think because I formatted them both as one single spanned, dynamic drive and just as I've arrived at the halfway point (1.36tb of 2.72tb) of filling it all up (I already had about 1.2tb to back up onto there from a 1.5tb Seagate they were replacing) the volume doesnt seem to want to accept anymore data. It first happened when copying over an 8gb file, and when it got to the halfway point of copying it just hung and I had to cancel the transfer. I thought it might be because of the size of the single file, and that there was less than 8gb left on the first disk so it couldn't split the file across onto the second (I believe spanned volumes fill one drive at a time). So I tried a few smaller files which copied over fine until pretty much the exact 50% full mark where it would definitely have to begin using the second drive. But from there the I/O rates went kaput... Sometimes they'll burst at 80mb/sec for a few seconds then just suddenly grind to a halt or crawl at 2-3mb/sec. it likely the second drive is a dud? Thing is, I did a full format on both when I got them and they formatted fine. I'm currently running a check disk with 'scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors' and 'automatically fix file system errors' both ticked. It's taking forever as I expect it will for two 1.5tb drives, but any chance this might help in some way? Anything else I can try? Any new data I'd added since swapping out the Seagate has been re-backed up to that so, depending what the check disk results throw up, I'm thinking to quick format the two WD's as individual drives and test transferring to both to see if it's the spanned volume causing the issue...

Cheers in advance for any advice.

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September 6, 2009 4:30:04 PM

did you format as NTFS? windows doesnt support ntfs volumes over 2tb i think.

also spanned volumes are bad.. if you lose one drive you lose everything on both.

might as well run it as a raid 0, although i wouldnt recommend with those drives that auto power down and up and change RPM.

any reason you just cant add them as 2 single drives.? if one goes kaput it gives you alot better data recovery chances and also you only have 1 drive down.

Also performance is better as 2 seperate drives. than a JBOD or whatever spanned volume is called currently
September 6, 2009 4:42:59 PM

Thanks for the response rand. I did format as NTFS yes, as I'm storing large files. Using Windows 7 btw. Reason I went for a spanned volume was just for convenience really. To have a single drive letter and one single storage drive is tidier than two for organising files. Plus, I can also add to/extend it at a later date. Data recovery is less of a concern as I back up regulary to external drives anyway.

Chkdsk actually reported no problems so I'm just running WD's Data Lifeguard scan to see what that throws up. A quick SMART scan showed nothing either...