will this card work?

i have a packard bell IMEDIA J2422 with a Reno Motherboard µATX, Socket LGA775, SiS671-SiS968 chipset and a nvidea geforce 8300 gs i was thinking of upgrading to a saphire radeon hd 3450 would it work???
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  1. GAMER13 the 3450 should work in your pc,but that not much of a upgrade,they are both $40.00 video cards.why are you replaceing 8300gs ,your not going to see any different in the video with those two cards.hope this helps you out
  2. Well the graphics slot is PCI-Express x16 and that will work. The only thing I can't seem to find is what size power supply comes with it. But I'd imagine that the 3450 has such a low power consumption that it probably doesn't matter because it doesn't even have an additional power connector. Yea you probably won't see any performance increase between the two but the 3450 has HDCP... I don't know if the 8300 GS has HDCP. That might be worth the upgrade alone if it's only $40. I couldn't fathom upgrading anything better than the 3450 in the IMEDIA J2422 though.
  3. It doesnt have hdcp i am english so dont use dollars!!! the 3450 came with the pc and i need help with something else i updated my drivers and now it will not work propaly it thinks i dont have the card meaning some of my games wont work i tried a system restore it worked then it stopped again :pfff: can anyone help
  4. The only thing I can suggest is check to make sure you had the correct drivers or try older drivers. Make sure also to uninstall all previous drivers before installing different drivers.
  5. thanks i will try that :ange:
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