Please Review Build List, First Intel Build

Heres my new build, almost finished. Any advice would be appreciated. I will be using it for gaming, rendering, and various engineering projects. Should be ordering parts tommorrow before all the Memorial Day Sales expire. If there is anything you want to change let me know and what it is. I will be reusing my:

21" CRT monitor
7.1 Channel speakers
Creatvie X-Fi Sound Card
Keyboard and mouse
DVD burners
74 GB Raptor
500 GB WD Cavier
750 GB WD Cavier
250 GB Seagate Barracuda

My new parts will be:

CPU: Q6600 $200

CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper TX 2 $26

Mobo: GA-EX38-DS4 $200

PSU: Corsair HX1000 $250, gave this PSU an very nice rating

Case: Antec Twelve Hundred $215

RAM: 4 Gigs in a 2x2 Kit(XP SP3), 8 Gigs when I switch to Vista 64 bit
Suggestions on the speed, manufacturer, etc would be appreciated. I have always used Crucial in the past, but there are so many other brands out there.

Video Cards: Dual ATI HD 3870's in Crossfire, I might wait and see what the new ATI and Nvidia cards look like in a month and get those instead.

I am $891 w/o the RAM or the Video Cards. I figure $100+ for RAM and $300+ for the Video Card(s). If anyone knows where I can get any of the parts any cheaper, that would be good. Price isn't really an issue, but I let the wife buy a $1200 dollar stove last week, so I'm going to be needing any savings I can find. I know the PSU is overkill, but I'm tired of buying bigger ones every year cuz the video cards just get more power hungry. I also don't think I will do any overclocking, but you never know.
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  1. Hey I just saw this other cooler: COOLER MASTER RR-CCH-LB12-GP $42

    Should I use this one instead of the Hyper TX 2, what do you think?
  2. Your correct, the PSU is overkill. I would go with the PC P&C Silencer 750 which would be more than enough to power your system as well as your friends system.

    Other than that it looks good. As for RAM, I just bought these and it's an outstanding set for a great price after MIR
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