Asus P5W64 Pro + Q9550 @ 3GHZ???

Hi gang.

I've had an Asus P5W64 Pro mobo with an E6600 for ages now and it has never been overclocked.
Today I put in my new CPU, Q9550 (well actually the X3360 but same thing).
BUT I don't know what settings and voltages to change to get it to run at 3GHZ.
The ram i have is 2GB of Corsair DHX 800mhz@4:4:4:12

The voltage options in bios are...

Memory voltage, CPU VCore, FSB termination, MCH, ICH

I figured with a multi of 8.5 I would need an fsb at 352 but I don't have a clue as to what voltages to set to make it boot without resetting the settings!

(I have the DHX fan on the Ram and a Scythe Mine with 120mm Enermax fan on the CPU)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. That's such a small OC you won't have to change any voltages, just up the FSB to 353 and your done.
  2. RJR said:
    That's such a small OC you won't have to change any voltages, just up the FSB to 353 and your done.

    but putting all the voltages to auto stops the system booting for some reason.

    if i had some idea about what settings to use i could experiment and find the lowest stable voltages, but i'm a bit worried i'll blow something up!

    (I should mention, incase it's not already obvious, that I haven't overclocked anything since socket 5 chips were hot!)

  3. Type in you processor # in google with specs (X3360 specs).

    Look at Intels spec sheet for your processor, this will state a recommended voltage range.

    Start below the max and lower/stress test/watch temps.
  4. Cool. I've followed that so far but the temps seem way out.
    It's just around 80 at load (when boinc is running with four projects),
    and idles at 55.
    This things 45nm and I thought the point of cutting off the 20nm since my 65nm C2D was to keep them cooler.
    The heatsink is nice and tight with the right amount of arctic silver in between.
    I must be missing something.
  5. Thermal spec on that processor is 71c, I wouldn't run it at 80c for very long.

    What temp program are you using? Might want to try Coretemp or Realtemp.

    I would reset the CMOS and run it for a few days at stock settings. The AS5 needs a little while to set properly. 55c idle is way too high.
  6. Yess, 55 C. at idle is way too high. Either the HSF is not installed properly, you have poor air flow through the case, or your temperature monitoring program isn't working properly.

    My Q9550 (C1 stepping) ran at 3.4 GHz. (400 X 8.5) with vcore set to 1.25 volts (VID 1.2325 volts) with no trouble at all. Max temps reach 59 C with all four cores loaded. Temps rise to 61 C. at 3.6 GHz.
  7. Aha!

    Thanks so far guys, according to core temp....

    I'm pretty screwed!

    My case is a gigantic (and i mean gigantic) chieftec, so airflow isn't really tight.
    I guess it must be the heatsink.

    I've never in my life had a 3rd party heatsink that was easy to attach, the skt775 attachment requires you to have 12 inch fingers with fifteen hinges in just to release the damn thing.

    Anyway, I digress, so the HSF looks to be the issue.
    The CPU is set to 1.1V (1.168 in CPU-Z), the Ram to 2.2 (880MHZ), MCH to 1.5 and ICH and FSB to auto!
    I'll give it a day or two to see if it needs to settle, but I can't see it making THAT much difference, I might revert to the stock HSF, which being Xeon branded SHOULD be enough for my meagre OC.
  8. In the BIOS, at JumperFree Configuration:

    set Overclock Profile = FSB1333/DDR2-834

    "FSB1333" means Bus Speed of 333 MHz quad-pumped = 1333 MHz.

    With SpeedStep enabled, the BIOS will alternate
    between the low and high clock multiplier X 333 MHz
    e.g. with our Q6600, 333 x 6 = 2.0GHz and 333 x 9 = 3.0 GHz.

    The remaining settings are set automatically
    by that motherboard (we have one).

    To confirm, download & install CPU-Z .

    Also, on your Support CD, there should be a utility program
    called "AI Booster". Try installing and running it:
    it permits overclocks via a Windows application program.

    If you don't have your Support CD, that "AI Booster"
    can be downloaded from the ASUS website for that

  9. If your CPU is overheating, then read and heed what this guy found:

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