Should i TRI SLI or SLI

These are the cards i was thinking of Tri Sli'ing

but if they 280's are under 600$ hopefully

should i SLI 2 GTX280's

and no im not doing ATI im not RMA'ing the mobo i just got in.
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  1. 1 Nvidia 280 GTX should be enough for now, but I still think its too expensive. I would wait for the ATI to come out, not for you to buy it but for it to bring down prices.
  2. ah k ill try to wait :( only thing im waiting for is GPU's its hard lol
  3. triple sli

    looks like the 200's have driver issues
  4. those driver is beta dragon. so when it actually release it gonna improve. for the money you getting tri sli. might as well spend less and get the GTX 280. plus you dont need to stress your PSU if you got single card.

    even there are driver issue the GTX 280 still perform brilliantly in any form.
  5. yea beta drivers usly allways have issuies.

    ill look into the 280's when they fully come out
  6. At that price going with the 9800 GTX's would be good for triple SLI.
  7. yeah Even the 260s look promising. Soo keep your options open. For me I'd say neither because of the card I have, but for you, you have alot of doors:)
  8. well tech anything would be a upgrade for me from a duel core amd to a Q9450 from DX9 7950 to a 9800+ dx10

    i could do SLI 260's should i do that instead of the 280's if there to much or will Tri SLI still win
  9. no! the GTX 280/260 SLI will win the 9800GTX SLI. but Tri-SLI not so sure about that yet. have to wait and see.
  10. how long lol
  11. no idea. when it become widely available in high store? also note the new HD4xxx series. but they are not likely to challenge the GT200.
  12. how long u think it will take the 280 to price drop i could afford 2 if it was 600$ each :(
  13. i think this is the question everyone want to know include AMD. but rumuor from a few website say they will drop at the end of this month to encounter the HD4xxx release. because they want to take a big hit at AMD.
  14. so buy 1 now and wait maybe :P but i was reading 1000 watts might not work.. for 2 280's SLI
  15. Imagine two of these full bore and maybe you'll shy away from GTX280 SLI. :)
  16. idc about sound :)
    my case will have 8 120mm fans anyhow lol
  17. 8 120mm fans at 5-7 volts is still pretty quiet. :)
  18. bla the jet i have in my driveway is quiet then the fans. :D

    But 4 real.

    i can do 1 GTX280

    or 3 GTX260's

    right now what should i do..
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