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Is it okay to get the OEM version?

I'm building my girlfriend a computer, ordering a DIY from newegg. I'd like to order the 99.99 dollar oem win7 but i've never understood the difference between retail and OEM.

What's the process of installing the new oem win7 on a fresh new hdd?

ALSO, I have a copy of win7 i used on my own computer (works just fine, obv i bought it) i tried installing on my grandmothers computer and it installed completely but when the internet came on it said something like "This is a fake version of win7" ?
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    You can't install another copy of Windows on a second computer unless it's a volume license. Hense the version warning.

    For OEM, it's a licensing issue. OEM versions get no support from MS (you can't call them and ask for help, they will refer you to the system vendor (YOU!). You are not allowed to move the copy to another computer even if this original one dies, it's tied to the hardware you activate it on. That's really the only differences. The setup for it is the exact same as any other Windows version.
  2. I see, that's scary. What if the HDD fails? You're SOL?
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  4. What hang has said is correct but it is possible to change the MB in the event of hardware failure or you just want to upgrade you just have to call Windows support and they will give you code to type in to re-authenticate.
  5. circulate said:
    I see, that's scary. What if the HDD fails? You're SOL?

    You are allowed some leeway in what can be replaced. For example, a video card change or a drive change won't triger things. But both at the same time may. A motherboard swap will also require a re-activation, but if you call MS and say that your PC died and had to be repaired they won't give yo a hard time, will just give you a new code to use.
  6. The license is actually tied to the motherboard, I think everything else you can change without reactivating. Also, as someone already said, if the MB dies, you can always call MS and beg for a new activation key (if you don't abuse, they probably won't care).
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