Folder and subfolder decrypted but files inside them are still encrypted


I have a problem. Somehow my files at work got encrypted. I managed to decrypted folder and sub-folders but all the files inside them are still encrypted. I keep getting message access denied even though I use administrator account. I tried elmsoft trial version. It located encrypted files. However it classified them as 'not decryptable'. Anyone has any idea how to go about this one? Confusing.
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  1. If they were encrypted by another user, you are out of luck until they open the files, or select to have them not be encrypted anymore in folder properties.

    If you encrypt files, don't change log on password or they will get stranded until you go back to the same password that was in use when they were first encrypted.

    About elmsoft... Sorry, discussions of the methods or capabilities of that software cannot be discussed here in these forums.
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