New PROJECT =] choosing case and coolers.

Hi all ,

I'm going to do a small upgrade to my PC since it suffer from overheat.
(its not the thermal compound I did a lot of tests and I chose to buy new case and cooler.

my system is :

Intel Core 2 Duo E6400.
Msi P645 Neo-f
2 GB Ram 800 MHZ CEON (I don't really know I bought those back then...)
Msi 8800GT 512 MB
1 HD by WD 260 GB 16 MB cache Sata II
2 Cd drives.

I want a good advice for a case but only between those two :
antec 900
antec P180 (I think its not compitable with my mobo so it will be the P182)

also I wanted some advice for a CPU coolers
right now I got the stock Intel cooler,
I deliberate between Thermalright Ultra 120(its passive and i read a lot of recommendation over it , Sunbeamtec Tuniq tower(which I don't know if it will fit with the mobo) or the ThermalTake big typhoon VP with the 2 fans (which can be real nice to have the other fan over the 8800GT)..

Thanks for the your help,
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  1. I recommend the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro, hands down.

    Right now it's $31.99 with Free Shipping at Newegg.
    Also, Newegg doesn't charge tax in most states.
    The lowest price I've seen it is $26.99 with Free Shipping which is a great deal then.
    Even at $31.99 it's still very cheap.

    Here is the link: AC Freezer 7 Pro @ Newegg

    Can you explain how the P180 is not be compatible with your motherboard?

    For cases, Antec Three Hundreds are very inexpensive and provide very good cooling. They cost about $60 to $70.

    Newegg has them in stock: Antec Three Hundred @ Newegg

    Don't get me wrong, Antec Nine Hundreds and P182 and P180 are great cases. I just think they are too expensive. If money didn't matter, I'd recommend them all. Also look at the P182 SE which has stainless steel panels that have a mirror finish.
  2. Hi gamer,
    thanks for you reply,
    The P180 is compatible with mini ATX mobo , my mobo : P645 Neo is not a mini atx (am I right ? )
    now , about the P182 SE is just too expensive, I live in Israel , the prices are different and taxes are too .

    I wanted some advice just about the products I wrote in my post .
    everyone can give some other fan/case and say this is better and so on ,
    so I just wanna keep the chart small and choose one of those products.
    if you can recommend me on one of those products I would be glad.
    I want to choose only between the P180/182 and the antec 900 ,
    and in the cooling section , to choose between the big typhoon VP , the ultra 120 and the tuniq tower.

    Best regards,
  3. I vote for ultra 120:

    Top 5 heatsinks:
  4. For a case with good cooling, I vote for:

    Antec 900.

    If you want silence, I vote for the P182.
  5. just two questions about the ultra 120
    1. will it fit to my system (by size)?
    2. I heard that because its passive and have no fan inside it , its less effective then a cooler with a fan .
    is that right ?

    Best Regards,
  6. 1. Assemble the computer first. Then measure the space.
    2. You should add a fan or even two in push/pull combination.
  7. there suppose to be a problem with the size of that thing if I buy the antec 900 ?

    its a huge case ... why would it won't fit ?
  8. I'll give you my experience advice...

    You have a mid-range system so technically just with the rear fan and the cpu cooler, wich anyone in tha ranking would be more than enough, would be enough to cool out the q6600, and a simple side case fan for the video card would be enough even for some minor overcloking u might wanna made over some hardwares.

    What i mean, is that u really dont need the huge ammount of fans that antec 900 gives you ... wheter they are always helpful, your build dont really need to much cooling system nor the size those cases have,unless u plan some overcloking or some sort of hardware upgrade like going SLI.

    I tried the NZXT Tempest which is the same as the Antec 900, with a build a bit more gaming than yours and dont get me wrong, i love how it looks, works, and so ... but its really to much for a non OC'ed/SLI/CrossFired PC ... I could save 40$ on a cheaper one and so you can.
  9. hi realyeti,
    thanks for your reply,

    you are absolutely right ,I do have a mid-range system , I will change somethings sooner or later but still I'm interested in this change due to the heat in my country .
    I live in Israel and its a hot country.
    second , my PC has 4 fans in the case, 2 intaking air (one in the side one in the front ) one is on the back which exhaust the air, and one fan is over the CPU.

    trust me , my CPU is running wild hot for me, I really don't do anything so aggressive with my PC, I only play San Andreas or area 51 , nothing like crysis (which I wanna buy soon ) but still the PC is running hot.

    I did some tests to check what makes it so hot,
    the change began when I bought the NX8800 GT by MSI , I thought at the beginning that maybe its my heat sink or the compound but none of the above is the reason.
    the compound is fine and the heat sink fan working fine , so I guess I need to use something more than what I had till now.
    so now its the case and the cooling, later on it will be the motherboard and maybe I will add one or 2 HDD when I will have the budget.

    by the way .. its my first try to mod .. so wish me luck with it .
    I already have a design in my head I hope it will be fine.

    Best Regards,
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