Best thermal compound??

Which is the best thermal compound in the market?
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  1. No need to post twice; use the search function please. This question has been discussed a dozen times at least...
  2. According to DaSickNinja's comprehensive review, Masscool Shin-Etsu x23 is the best you can get. The full review is Here and I doubt you will find a better comparison anywhere on the web. As x23 can be somewhat difficult to find, AS Ceramique is a good alternative.
  3. More effective than good compound is the right lapping in procedure.
  4. ok, so whats the difference between the SHIN-ETSU X23-7783D and the shin etsu x23? if there is any?
  5. IC Diamond 7 Carat Thermal Compound if applied right through sheer physics give it the highest ability to pull heat from the cpu and into the heatsink. any of the diamond compounds, and diamond compound also has way higher heat tolerance than and silver/ceramic ect.
  6. thanks!!
  7. ok, is there any advantage the SHIN-ETSU X23-7783D holds over the artic silver 5??
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