D-Link WLAN problems

i am having problems with my wireless lan

my home computer is running the DI-624 wireless xtreme g router (108 mb/s)

my computer up in my room is running this DWL-G520 wireless xtreme g PCI card (108 mb/s)

i am having a very hard time with this it will not connect to the internet by itself when i restart and it will just randomly stop working for a few seconds of permanently

this is really annoying when i am playing games multiplayer games on the internet and every time it happens i have to totally restart the game

i can disable and enable the connection and that works for a while but it will soon lose my connection again

also sometimes it gets very very slow and i have to go downstairs and totally reset my router (which is a pain because i then have to restart that computer also)

Please help me. Thanks in advance!
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  1. I think you should get the B instead of G. B has bettter connections, it's not faster than G but u dont lose connection a lot like G.
  2. Basically that is a total crock.
    Firmware for .11b gear is more mature than its .11g, so you might buy a .11g AP or AP/ROuter combo that has some trouble. I'd check to see if your equipment MFG has any updated firmware. I'd also disable XP's zero wireless configuration if your running XP on the client machine and use any utility and/or driver that comes with your card. Also back it down from the turbo mode and see if that clears it up for you. If your having any interference issues it will be exaggerated using the turbo mode as it uses two frequency bases, gobbling up more of the available spectrum.
  3. I just set up a wireless network sharing a broadband connection. I was going to get a d-link 624 but I read on the net that losts of people using this router have massive disconnect problems... this scared me away so I went with the linksys G wireless router. No disconnects, and 54MB consistent speeds. Not bad.... I suggest buying a linksys and test your network. If this corrects your problems then take back or trash the d-link.


    PS...my understanding is this is not really a d-link problem, there seems to be sniffer programs that ping d-link routers. Once one is found it will contiually ping your router and it will reset itself to avoid a hostile attack. This is a bad side effect to strong firewall software.

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  4. experienced same problem when I was using WPA-PSK for authentication. set it to open system a week ago, not even one connection tits up since then. still waiting for a better firmwire though.
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