Phenom II X3 710 OC + 4th core please help

I recently bought a X3 710 with the 0904 code hoping to activate the 4th core. My mobo is Biostar ta790gxb A2+ with the latest bios. Everything is in order with my config, maybe I was out of luck. When I change the Acc to auto it won't boot. Any suggestions?

Secondly, I want to start to oc it. It's a first for me, but i want to benefit from this mobo since i got it anyway.

I started from bios and set it to auto OC v8: 2,99 Ghz and the memory accordingly ( i have a 2x2 gb 1066 cl5 corsair kit ). The voltage is unchanged and i cannot raise it manualy. When i raise the option to v12 ( 3,12 mhz ), it works fine. The problem is when i open amd overdrive and run a stability test, for the v12 it a blue screen comes up, for the v 8 option later on amd overdrive freezes. I tried to use the auto oc option in amd overdrive and it goes all the way to 3,2 ghz but when i ran their stability test it halts same as before. What should i do?
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  1. well, about the acc not working, i guess you were one of the unlucky ones who actually got a defective fourth core

    as for the OC, i would do it yourself in the bios, then run prime95 for stability (if it boots)
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