ECS awesome cust service !

I see a lot of diss'ing on ECS around here and I just thought I'd share my experience.

I lime many others, own an a-780gm-a mb. I bought the board new from Newegg. It's been running great for 4 months, but the day I put in a new hd it dies !

I look on egg and see that a few of the same board have the same prob, just doesn't wake up one day. Being that I didn't buy the extended warranty, I figure I am screwed; however seeing as this doesen't seem to be a case of it just dying for no good reason (possible flaw or flaky batch), I figure that I'll write them and explain the situation in detail.

I end up emailing them and not using the support form because my server seems to hate their web page, or the support form is just messed up, I dunno which. Anywho, I describe the prob and where I bought it, as well as the out of warranty part in my email and ask them to please RMA it. So I get back the normal canned form letter about checking the plugs yada yada and having a spare cpu to test with. I told them I did all that (which) I did, but I had a working cpu coming (ebay) and I'd let them know.

Get the CPU, plug it in and no go, still dead, cust service tells me no prob and that they'd forward it to the RMA dept. Well it was a Friday...on Monday, they gave me an RMA #...I have to pay for shipping, but that is a lot more than fair !

Not only did cust service usually reply in LESS than 2 hrs each time, they treated me fairly and just asked that I do the same and try a few things first. The RMA dept was also super quick and more than reasonable. They were also very explicit in their instructions, reminding me to keep my accessories and such.

I am sending the board off asap and will keep you guys posted, but I have had nothing but excellent service so far and feel more confident buying from them after this. They do seem to care about the customer and getting things resolved well.

Please chime in with your own experiences guys and gals !
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  1. good to know

    thanks for posting your experience :)

    from the sound of it, their customer service is top notch. i am very impressed.
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