Upgrade my Mobo, RAM, HD (Raptor) for $300

I just bought a PhenomII X4 920 for $134 from Newegg. I need suggestions for a new motherboard, and RAM. I currently have a EVGA 8800GTS 320MB Superclockedand a BFG 8800GT 512 OC2. I don't know if I should upgrade the video card or go with a Raptor 74GB hard drive. I have a 500GB and 750Gb for storage and think I would like to go with the Raptor. I'm looking at the ASUS A3M78-T motherboard or the Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-UD4H. I will be reusing my Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme, PSU, Blu Ray burner and case. I do plan to overclock and want a good mobo for that. I want a min 4 GB RAM as well. Need some recommendations for overclocking RAM and good help. Thanks a lot guys!!!
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  1. Bump.

    PS. I will be looking on www.Directron.com since they have their shop in Houston TX, but if I can save more on Newegg, TigerDirect, etc. Let me know.
  2. The "Raptor" is slower than a standard (new production) 7200 RPM drive. So, if those are the two choices for HDD's I'd say get a decent (like WD Black) 750 GB HDD. Unless you want to go for a "Velociraptor" then I would say go for it, but it's still only marginally quicker.
  3. I'm stumped with the video card selection. I try to play on my 32" 1080P LCD most of the time and don't really have problems. I just don't want to get stuck with the 2 graphice cards and not be able to game, but also don't want to upgrade just for the heck of it and have 2 good cards sitting collecting dust. I thought the Raptor would be a nice boost? What about two smaller hard drives with a RAID setup? What about that boost?maybe 2-250BG, or 2-160GB?

    What about the mobo's? I will be buying tomorrow and still need help deciding.

  4. The vid cards are always going to change every couple of months. If the ones you have will play the games you want at the settings you want your good to go. If they don't it's time for an upgrade.

    Asus/Gigabyte are both good boards, just make sure the one you choose has the options you want/need.

    Raid is a whole other ordeal. If you don't mind reinstalling everything or rebuilding the raid if anything would happen then you will get a small boost in performance. It's a fun thing to do, but if you get frustrated when your computer doesn't work and takes a while to fix, then I'd stick with a good quality 7200 RPM Sata II drive or a Velociraptor. If you don't mind the down time and keep a backup of any important data then it's a fun thing to mess with.
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