M3A boot delay

Hey guys, I'm having an annoying delay during boot process...
The PC turns on normally, finds the HDDs check memories and it is OK... than the screen goes black... then 40s~1minute later, the Windows booting screen appears...
This is pissin' me off... I've never seen that!

What is this? BIOS?

Does anyone can help?
Thank you!
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  1. Specs? RAID? Harddisk/dvd IDE/SATA?

    Unhook every peripheral except keyboard & mouse.
  2. My computer is like that too. Nothing to worry about.
  3. I'm experiencing this problem as well. My motherboard was purchased at Frys and I no longer have the receipt etc. The problem is very, very troubling when I'm trying to dual-boot between Linux and Windows. How can I choose the OS when it doesn't even show me the Boot Menu! I tried everything I can think of, simply put the mobo is flawed. Whatever causes this I support my fellow here in saying it's real. Here's what happens:

    1. Power-up, system will sometimes boot with monitor signal, other times 1/2 way through Vista loading it works.

    2. Resetting the system causes the problem to be abit worse, or rather unpredictable. It's very odd but will seem to have no signal even though I hear the beep, then later it beeps again! So it beeps on reset, then no signal, then later beeps, then monitor signal awhile later. Weird!

    You're not alone pal, I don't think BIOS can fix it because it's done this ever since I had it, the thing is just poor quality IMO.
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