Need Help with memory timings

I have an idea of how they work, but i see no differences between lower timings and higher timings. So im asking you guys.

i have 2x2 Ocz Sli ready ddr2-800mhz ram. And i have an overclocked q6600 at 2.8ghz, as well as an overclocked 8800gt 650/950.

Do these look like proper timings?

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  1. Looks relaxed to me. If you think the ram is capable, tighten the timings to 4-4-4-12 or lower. Do memtest prior to booting windows.
  2. Those timings look like SPD timings. They should be fine, sanctioned by the manufacturer.
    You won't see a great deal of difference with timings IMHO.
  3. Check the SPD tab in CPU-Z if there are tighter timings for your memory speed.
  4. +1 on checking the SPD tab in CPU-Z.
    If you can drop it to CL4, you will see a 20% reduction in the time required to access data from the RAM (12.5ns to 10ns). Unfortunatly, this only equates to about a 1% increase in real world performance.

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