Windows 7 64 bit and use Vista 64 bit drivers?

I have a customer with an old Compaq Presario laptop. The computer is at this point pretty screwed up. At some point someone worked on the computer and installed a pirated copy of Windows and it is loaded with a ton of viruses. I told the customer that given it is a pirated and loaded with viruses the best thing to do is wipe the hard drive and put a real copy of Windows on there. The computer had Vista originally and the customer asked if Windows could be installed. The problem is when I go into HP's website the only drivers listed for his model is Vista 32 bit and Vista 64 bit. So my question is Can I install Windows 7 64 bit and use Vista 64 bit drivers? Will this work?
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  1. Vista and Windows 7 should use the same basic driver model, so it will probably work, but there may be instances where there was some change in 7 that will create problems.
  2. I've never seen a case of software or a driver (MUST BE THE SAME BIT-RATE) that worked with Vista but didn't with 7.
  3. Well I tried it and it didn't work. When I downloaded and tried to install the drivers I got one of two errors. Either it said "This operating system is not Windows Vista 32 bit/64bit and was unable to install drivers." or once downloaded the device still didn't work.
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