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top two cards are already gone at newegg. wondering if anyone trusts tiger direct. haven't used them yet, but they said they'd be getting them in by the end of the week. sucks to wait a whole week for them to be in at this point, but i want the ftw card.
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  1. TigerDirect's parent company is Systemax. Systemax also owns Global Industrial Equipment. I buy a LOT of stuff from Global and they are extremely reliable.

    Would I buy from TigerDirect? Yep, just because I know their parent firm and sisters to be reliable.
  2. I used to use TigerDirect all the time. Now I mainly use Newegg. but sometimes Tiger is cheaper so I use them then. A lot of people here seem to dislike them, but I have never had a problem with them. I just ordered a case from them a couple months ago and it arrived in perfect condition in decent time.
  3. I used tigerdirect a few times, no problems with them yet. But I find their price usually high, at least in their canadian version.
  4. Tigerdirect owns.

    1 day shiping to me even thow im paying for 3days.

    and yes tigerdirect is trustworthy. i wouldnt do FRYS thow
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