Bought a 280 GTX

I will have benchmarks as soon as I can.

I ended up paying 550$ for it:) So i'm happy with the Outcome, the brand is BFG like always

Here is a link at the card.

I'm going to pick it up 2morrow and when I have time sometime this week, I'll have benchmarks up:)

If the card performs lower than my GX2 its either going back to the store or in my secondary:)

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  1. How u get it for 550$? i cant buy it it gives me error.
  2. not off BFG.

    If you live in toronto, theres a place called FiltechComputers, My friend owns the place lol. They are getting in the shipment at 2 p.m 2morow
  3. so u know a guy that works for a store that gave u a discount. lol U !! lol well yea man good luck . they will beat the GX2 :)

    wish i lived in toronto and knew u lol
  4. lol.

    I doubt they will, from what I see, in Sli optimized games it looses.

    It looses in Crysis, CoD4, etc.

    I just got it because it would create less heat, and I just want to see what new drivers would do to it. I doubt it will help alot since its already single I dunno, plus I still think that Quad Sli will be interesting:)

    And I'll post as soon as I get the results
  5. i was going to the 2 GX2's but ppl said quad cores are bad atm.

    i dunno what to doo.. ill wait for ur scores :(
  6. I dunno I get mixed answers about quad core.

    My friend has a quad core system, and he leaves me in the dust. Games play blazing, even Crysis (Don't take it literal) so I dunno.

    to be honest with you I think for me I'd get alot more adding another GX2 than buying a new card and then 2 more or 1 more.

    Anyways I'll see, if I decide to keep it, I'll just put it in my Secondary computer and just use the GX2 for now:)
  7. What resolutions do you guys run at?
  8. right now I'm at 1280x1024...but I usually play on my dad's TV which is 1080p:D
  9. my new lcd is 1680x1050 :D

    nice 1080p 1200p is out :D
  10. screw 1200p :) I made it too 1080p I'm happy go to hell plz :D
  11. From what I have been reading the GX2 is a better deal. It has been leaving the gtx280 behind in certain benchmarks. I am not sure if its do to it being beta drivers but it certainly doesn't like its going to be any better than the card you have now. Personally from the way it looks I would have just gotten another GX2 and Sli'ed the two. Btw, congrats on the the deal you got most sites seem to be starting at a 649 price point
  12. Your thinking about getting 2 9800gx2's to run on a monitor with that low of a res gadgetnerd??
  13. i want my games to run like butter :P
  14. me a deal is under 400 for s stupid card:)

    But either way, yes I feel confident ont he GX2, I wish it sported 1 gig per PCB, but w.e.

    The 280 GTX has Beta drivers, but I mean common its just a single Core...whats soo driver demanding about that????:|

    the X2 and GX2 have an excuse:P hahaha

    And yes I can still return it and get a GX2 for way less...but I like opening fresh meat:D (If any1 turns that into a gay joke I'll destroy em:)) HAHAh
  15. gadgetnerd said:
    i want my games to run like butter :P

    What card do you have ?
  16. L1qu1d said:

    I just got it because it would create less heat,

    I forget which review it was it might have been the Tom's one but they said the heat output was off the charts. On an open air test bench they had to turn a box fan on it to keep it from throttling down due to overheating.
  17. Really? Thats funky its power consumption is freakishly low lol....Only Nvidia can freaking create a low consumption card hotter than the sun:)
  18. no man ur fine i have a 9800gx2 and a q6600 it runs fine. but i did overclock my cpu to 3.0ghz. only a slight bottleneck.
  19. The power consumption at idle was very low but at load it's a different story.
  20. L1qu1d i'm waiting for HardOCP to do a gtx280 SLI /3way SLI review and if that goes like i expect it to i'm getting TWO =)

    Check HardOCP's review, the gtx280 is definitely smoother gameplay/no microstuttering compared to the gx2 from what i've read. You can make your own judgments

    Good luck with your new toy :-)
  21. THnx.

    Yeah but the thing is that I can spend the cash on another GX2 and get a new 2 Raptor HDD or another set of RAM lol

    So I dunno.

    if you pay over 600 and you get 2 280 GTX your rich:P hahaha.

    Pauldh Pointed out that the 280 GTX wins with AA on, but falls short of playable anyway. 3way sli is still a work in Process soo Meh

    I think Ill just keep the card for a while, but I'll see what happened in a couple of weeks:D
  22. The GTX280 pulls ahead of the GX2, but mainly at the extreme resolutions, like those on 30" monitors.
  23. I dunno still not conviced lol I still runa 17", next I'll prob do around 22 or 24...which is around 1900 reso or 1600 I think
  24. San Pedro said:
    The GTX280 pulls ahead of the GX2, but mainly at the extreme resolutions, like those on 30" monitors.

    It's ahead @ 1920x1200 with AA and AF but as L1qu1d wrote it's just short of playable. I have a 24" and I'm just waiting for the day that I can buy a card that will play everything on high with my screen, until that day I'll stick with my GT. Actually the only thing I can't play with everything maxed is Crysis and I'm not going to spend the money until a card comes out that can run it maxed out, might be a while. Well maybe 2 4870's in crossfire, we'll have to see.
  25. Thank you I was beginning to think I didn't actually write that:D HAHA:P

    Ausch30 is right.

    EDIT: spelling
  26. Me too, I'm going to wait until there's a video card that can run Crysis smoothly at 1650 * 1050 which is the resolution I play at before I upgrade. I'm gonna stay with my 8800GT 512mb until then, I'm very happy with it. I really hope Nahelem will support SLi and the dumb Nvidia pricing policy does away. It doesn't seem like it affects pricing too much, but it's annoying to check VGA prices. 1024mb of Vram on the GTX 280 is sick, all that AA/AF at high res all maxed out is hella sexy. It wasnt too long ago when the flagship VGA cards from ATI and Nvidia were 256mb then they tested 512mb cards.
  27. You're really lucky liquid you can get it for 550 from your friend.
  28. JAYDEEJOHN said:
    I think youll like it . Seems he does

    LOL, 300,000 in Aquamark. Who even still uses Aquamark?

    I have to say the 20,000 in 3Dmark06 is impressive
  29. anandtech has sli benches for 280gtx and it scales better than quad sli gx2's
  30. The quad SLI drivers still aren't great so that's a big reason for that. Typically as GPU cores increase the performance gain decreases so 2 cores show a larger gain than 3 and 3 has a bigger gain than 4. Another way of saying it is that an extra core might get you an extra 40fps where another core might add another 20fps and then the 4th might add another 10fps.
  31. pcgamer12 said:
    I really hope Nahelem will support SLi ....

    Don't hold your breath. Maybe...just maybe...if these new cards flop, it will knock NV off their high horse and if they realize they are digging their own grave they might consider licensing it to Intel...but...NV is pretty cocky....I wouldn't hold my breath.
  32. Don't Forget The Benches L1qu1d
  33. lol ordered mine to :D cant wait till u post the benches L1qu1d

    also yea 1 GTX280 doesnt beat 2 9800's gx2's but if u SLI 280's they will.

    its been all posted on EVGA. so yea. good luck .
  34. Thnx I'll see when I have time, because in order to make the benches reasonable and see a clear difference, I'm going uninstall Windows and have a fresh copy of it.

    That way the Benchies don't conflict:)

    I'll have full Benchies up by the beginning of next week if work will permit me:)
  35. Next week? Aren't you getting it tomorrow? :p
  36. no today. lol

    But I need to reinstall windows, and I'm at work from 8-2 and then from 4:30 - 9

    I have no time for now:D
  37. Pick up another GTX280! According to Anandtech, 2x GTX280 > 2x 9800GX2s...mostly because it's more "hassel free" and doesn't require games to be well written for SLI to really bust some balls.
  38. yeah but the problem with that is I don't have 1000$ lol I have University Tuition I need to worrya bout 2 LOL!
  39. Damn, yea there is that, didn't think it would be too much of an issue since you already have a 9800GX2 and picked up a GTX280!! LOL...looking at your signature, damn, yea, there's some bucks in that system! Dude gotta pick up a 45nm QX though, that's all I have to say!! Hehe.
  40. I'm in the same boat L1qu1d. I can't even afford $550, so I'm going with the 4870. I plan to get it as soon as possible, so I guess we can compare in a week :lol: I thought the 280 consumed around 230W which is getting near my 2900XT :ouch: At least it should game a lot better, though. In the meantime, I've got some super OC'ed 780G benches if anyone wants them :D
  41. I heard July release date on the 4870...where are you getting "1 week?"
  42. Well, I'm trying to be optimistic. Fudzilla claimed that there will be some 4870s in short supply for release next week. If there are, I'll try my best to grab one. If not, I'll be waiting until July as you say.
  43. EXT64 said:
    Well, I'm trying to be optimistic. Fudzilla claimed that there will be some 4870s in short supply for release next week. If there are, I'll try my best to grab one. If not, I'll be waiting until July as you say.

    Ahh very interesting! Thanks for the enlightment.
  44. ausch30 said:
    LOL, 300,000 in Aquamark. Who even still uses Aquamark?

    I have to say the 20,000 in 3Dmark06 is impressive

    Fugger does. Hes held several world records in 3DMark, so it must hold some relevance
  45. July 8th for the 4870 is what I just read on an investor's article.
  46. has anyone done triple sli 280 benchies yet?
  47. Congrats on the pruchase :)
    But wasn't the 9800GX2 enough for u ?
  48. yea it is, I took the 280 GTX back...I think i'll wait for the Ultra to come out before I buy the GTX:D

    Or I'll just plug in another GX2:P either or
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