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I have an HP XW8200 Workstation running Win XP Professional SP3.

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a new EVGA graphics card as the one that came with the Workstation had little video ram and commonly froze in Photoshop when a large file was opened.

The graphics card seems to work quite well. However, and I don't know if this is the cause, since I installed the graphics card, Win XP does not recognize any of my Type 1 fonts.

I have numerous Type 1 fonts I've purchased, but only True Type fonts are recognized by Win XP.

I tried re-installing the fonts from the original disks they came on and Win XP gives me an error message that XP is unable to install the font file and that it is either invalid or damaged.

This is obviously not the case since these fonts were previously installed (and are all located in the "Fonts" folder) but Win XP refuses to recognize them.

I contacted EVGA, as I had read that sometimes installing a new Nvidia graphics card causes an error with the fonts, but EVGA responded that it was not an issue with the graphics card.

Can anyone help?
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  1. It's the job of EVGA to say it's not their problem, does not mean that it's not. I have seen nVidia drivers hose Windows fonts, Office 2007 has a neat issue where it looks like it has Windows NT menus and buttons at times when nVidia drivers are installed.

    If you uninstall the drivers and video card, and use the old card, does the issue go away? You may need to try an older video driver that supports your card.
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