P6N SLI Platinum 1.6 and Intel E8400,but not open!

Hi everybody,i have some problem.
I have MSI P6N SLI Platinum and E8400 (also Pentium D 820)
I can post my pc with my d820,but i put the e8400 to slot, it will not post:(. The support list have e8400 with "YES",but i couldn't start my pc.How can i fix my problem,my bios version is 1.6,what will i do?
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  1. The cpu support list does say Wolfdale, but E8400 E0 is under testing. Maybe your cpu is E0 stepping?

    Wolfdale E8400 (3GHz, C0, 65W) 1333 9 SINCE 1.6
    Wolfdale E8400 (3GHz, E0, 65W) sample 1333 9 UNDER TESTING

    Put old cpu on, clear cmos, load bios defaults, swap cpus.
  2. I'm having the same problem, except I waited till they released a BIOS update. I flashed that so now I am at 1.7 started my comp, but it will not post.
  3. Both of you need to ask MSI about it. Keep the pressure on. They may release a compatible bios.
  4. I've updated my bios to 1.7 and tried to install E8500. It didn't post :(
  5. Quote:
    Wolfdale E8500 (3.16GHz, C0, 65W) 1333 9.5 SINCE 1.6


    1.7 does that cpu. Unplug power cord, clear cmos for 10 mins, try each stick of ram in each slot, load bios default, install the other sticks.
  6. Have any of you had any luck? I used 1.7, no luck. then a msi rep gave me a link to 1.82 and that didn't work either.

    MSI P6N SLI Platinum
    E8400 EO core stepping: not POSTing
    E6320 fine
    1GB and 2GB sticks tested. working with E6320, but not E8400
    Corsair TX650
  7. my sli-fi board does not work with E8500 although I updated the newest bios...
  8. I had a similar problem. Turns out that certain version of the boards (my p6n - sli - platinum that I upgraded to the 1.7 bios for example) need additional hardware added to the board before they are fully functional. Contact MSI and you can send it in to have the board updated if it is not already equipped with the extra 'bits and pieces' necessary to support the newest core 2 duo's. Look for the QC number to be something other than 01,02,03. These numbers need to be revised at the factory.

    I for one am pretty unhappy that they advertise a board as being compatible with the E7400 when it is in fact not. I strongly feel they need to place some form of disclaimer there so consumers can make informed decisions. Had I known about this potential problem I would have chosen some other source for the board or another board entirely. (course that might be why they don't, but it feels very deceptive) Kinda like buying a car that "has a 6 speed manual transmission' and getting it with a 4 speed that you ave to send into the factory to be upgraded.

    Yes, they will correct the issue but I have to pay shipping and I'm out the board for the duration of about 2 or 3 weeks give or take.

    Good Luck with yours.
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