How do i re enable help and support

How can I re-enable help and support services. I am trying to get to System Restore and it will not launch nor will Help and Support
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  1. To re-enable "Help and Support"
    Click Start --- go to Run. type "services.msc"
    In the Services window double click on "Help and Support". Change the Startup type to "Automatic" and click Apply. Then click on the "Start" button and click "OK" to close the window

    Scroll further down and look for "System Restore Service"
    Double click that and check if that also has Startup type set to "Automatic"
    And also click "Start" to start the service.

    To make sure System Restore is running for all drives
    Click Start , right click on "My Computer" and select Properties.
    In the system properties window go to "System Restore" and check if it says "Monitoring" next to each drive you've got.
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