My first build attempt (Feel like helping a newbie?)

Hi guys, I've been trying to mess around with building an entirely new PC, but of course I'm no PC buff of any sort. Yeah, I understand what most people would consider the basics I suppose...

Anyhow, I tried to put a lot of effort into this build but I'm almost certain I'm overlooking some major flaw. I chose a motherboard that can support SLI for, if in time, I need to buy a second video card I can have the option for expansion. My goal is to stay under $1000, so if you have any recommendations which can significantly improve my build and still stay under that price than please feel free. Just saying this so people don't tell me to go with something crazy like extreme processors or something haha. So if you could, please give me any opinions on improvement to my build, and thank you.

Purpose: The main focus of this new build will be mostly for gaming. I'm not an extreme gamer, but I'd like to have the ability to at least play new games on normal settings and get good and constant fps and such.


CPU: I've had some major conflicts on this... This or a slower quad? This is something I could really use some opinion on...

RAM: I believe I've chosen what's best for the board speed wise, but again, I don't really know for sure here...


Video Card: Well geez, I'm not too sure about this at all but I think I've chosen a good one

Monitor: I honestly don't know jack about monitors, but this one seems popular... I am definitely aiming for widescreen

Power Supply: I really have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to power, can anyone recommend me one for what I've got and also taking into consideration future expansion? (hint: HELP :sweat: )

Case: I don't need anything fancy, really...
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  1. you have good parts there for your pc :)

    i'll just give you my opinion of what i know or what i would do :P

    CPU: if it was me, i would go with a Q6600 and take it to 3.0ghz, but if you're planning to OC the E8400 to 400fsb, then personally, i would definitely go with the E8400.

    RAM: 59$ for 1066 ram. great if you plan to take your CPU beyond 400+fsb. what more is there to say? awesome choice.

    HDD: i have that one myself. i can honestly say i never even heard it in my system since i've put it in. no problems with it whatsoever.

    Vid. Card: SLI those 9600 gt's :D

    and why not go for an Antec 900 case? you have such good components, keep them ventilated and show them off through a clear glass side panel!

    good luck and happy building!
  2. For a case, I would recommend:

    Antec 900


    COOLER MASTER RC-690-KKN1-GP Black SECC/ ABS ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail

    Get a Corsair 520HX for power supply or choose from below:

    Top Tier PSU:

    Silent PSUs

    AMD Certified PSUs (Single+Crossfire):

    Certified SLI-Ready Power Supplies

    If you are not doing SLI, go with Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L for motherboard.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'll definitely change the case, I was only thinking cheapest but then I realized a proper case is really important in the end.
  4. No no no no!!

    Do not SLI those 9600s, and do not fall into the trap of SLI.

    You don't need SLI is most cases, its just a waste of money and a huge heater inside your computer.

    +1 to evan for the motherboard suggestion at the end, go with that one.

    Get ONE (1) 9600 or better yet 8800GT as that will run most everything you want to. Better yet, wait until the new GPUs are released next month which are supposed to trounce current G92 GPUs.

    PSU: Corsair 550VX- great PSU... good price right now @ Newegg.
  5. You've also chosen DDR2 1066 RAM. Unless you're going to aggressively overclock, I'd stick with DDR2 800 (maybe even with aggressive overclocking). G.Skill is a good choice.

    +1 for no SLI and the 8800GT instead of the 9600.
  6. Yeah I have to admit I don't really know too much about different RAM speeds, so 1066 would be a bit overkill?

    Basically I want to have a good system for today, but what about a few years from now? That's why I want to be able to have the ability to use SLI in the future, same for being able to go with a quad core in the future as well.

    What is the contrast with 8800GT to 9600? I did hear they're very close, but I really don't have the details, opinions?

    Thanks for all the input so far guys, I really appreciate the help.
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