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I have a big problem with my HDD. It was working fine yesterday but I did a malware scan to remove some files. Today, when I turned on my computer, it won't boot. I then realized that the bios cannot detect the HDD. I tried to unplug and replug the sata and power cables to the HDD. I can feel it heats up when the computer is turned on. Also, the light for the HDD on the computer case is constantly on.

Please help.

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  1. So you go to Bio Setting and set up AUTO detect HD already right?

    If it still doesn't recognize when you know you wire correctly, then I'm afraid it might be the hardware in the HDD is damaged by overheating, in which case you need to put your HDD in the refrigerator. It sounds crazy but it does help for my friend.

    My suggestion, connect your HD to another PC and see if that pc recognizes them.
  2. Thanks for the help. I will try that for sure. I tried to boot a live cd of Ubuntu to see if it is virus related but no luck. How long should I freeze the drive for?

  3. Don't put your hard drive in a refrigerator. You can get condensation. Just let it cool down, but I don't see that being the problem.

    Your best bet would be to put it into an external hard drive case and hook it up to a working computer to see if you can read and write to it. If so, your hard drive should be fine.

    I suppose you could have a motherboard problem too. You'll have to do some basic swapping. If you have another hard drive you could try to start a new Windows installation. you don't need to do one but if you can get that far your problem is definitely your hard drive.

    My gut feeling is that your hard drive is toast but I would need more information to help you further.

    I once bought a new hard drive and installed it as a secondary drive and formatted it to NTFS. When I took it out and put it in another computer it wasn't detected. None of the tools helped. I ended up using a tool called "Eraser" or "Drive Eraser" which wipes out the formatting. When I put it back in the computer it was recognized and I proceeded to install Windows from DVD.
  4. At the first, check its cables and port with changing the cable and connection port on your MB.
    if it doesn't work again check when your PC is turned on, its motor spins.
    if no, its PCB damaged (maybe some ICs burned).
    if yes, when you turned on your computer, your computer stops a lot on detecting devices and then it doesn't detect or pass detecting fast?
    if it gives time a lot, probably your hdd firmware has BSY error (busy error) and you can find some tutorial to repair it on internet (note to your model and firmware version).
    If your Hdd is seagate 7200 Fw:SD15 I can say the solution.
    sorry for my English.
  5. The putting in the refrigerator suggestion is only good as a last resort because it will only work for a short while and you need to backup your most important files immediately if it does function briefly.
    And i mean only the most important ones as your time with it can be very limited.
  6. Four-year old post guys...
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