6800GT PCI-e or 8600GT, which games better?

I know the 6800GT has a 256-bit interface but it's quite old (2004).

And I know the 8600GT was not a worthy successor to the 7600GT in that it barely improved performance (though the 8600gts was).

I'm not buying either card, it's just an arguement I'm having with someone.

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  1. I believe the 6800GT is AFIAK because it was a enthusiast class card in it's day while the 8600GT is pretty weak even for a 8th generation GPU. Anyways, the 9600GT kicks both their butts and is the biggest performance jump in 1 generation, from 8600GT to 9600GT.
  2. I think the 8600gt is a little better.

    Because I think the 7600gt performed very similarly to the 6800gt, and as you said, the 8600gt is a little better than the 7600gt.

    Which side of the argument are you on?

    Edit: http://www.tomshardware.com/charts/desktop-vga-charts/overall-all-games-fps,572.html?p=1596%2C1581%2C1578%2C1595%2C1612%2C1615%2C1586%2C1576%2C1570%2C1641%2C1640%2C1635%2C1571%2C1588%2C1604%2C1567%2C1629%2C1611%2C1626%2C1619%2C1603%2C1564%2C1618#

    I couldn't find neither the 7600gt nor the 8600gt, but as you can see, the 7600gs is barely slower than the 6800gt. So it'll get a little better by upgrading to 7600gt, and then again to 8600gt.

    So yeah.

    EDIT: I didn't realize that the link didn't really work. It didn't save the settings I used. But you can look yourself I guess.
  3. 8600gt wins hands down, it may not be much better than the 7600GT but the 7600GT walked all over the 6600GT
  4. Depending on what games you play and the resolution of your monitor those cards probably size up like this:

  5. Thanks guys...and yes, I was on the side of the 8600GT.
  6. 8600gt definitely.
  7. The 6800GT was a good card and had processing power, but it has problems with some of the newer games partially because it doesn't support some of the newer tech and optimizations.
  8. 8600gt definitely
  9. 9600 GSO/8800 GS would be better for like $10 or $20 more
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