What is the best router for p2p and gaming? what to buy?

i need a good router for 2 pcs, one of them will be off most of the time, wireless or not the router,ill conect the pc wirly only.
i am a havy p2p user also i play online and ping is very important.

can you suggest routers to me please?
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  1. IT all depends on what type of service you use to connect to the Internet but the basic user is Cable modem.
    If you are a basic user stick with Linksys or Netgear routers (AVOID D-LINK) they are easy to setup and maintain. Here are a couple of links:
  2. what do you thing of WRT54GL linksys?
    i am conected via adsl, not cable.
    i wont be using the wirless, but i read good reviews about this one.

    what do you think?
  3. you can't really go wrong with the new Linksys routers. You should be good to go.
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