Which 1066 RAM should I buy? Please vote!

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  1. None of the above -- just get some nice 1.9V 2GB DDR2-800 DIMMs.
  2. I went with the Corsair Dominator. I paid a little more than comparable memory. But at least this way, I won't have doubts about the quality of the memory. Supposedly, the modules used for these are handpicked to be the best, according to Corsair anyways.
  3. The heatsink fins and fan are nice, and Corsair has excellent customer service. Do you have a link for the "handpicked" claim? I wasn't able to find such a claim.
  4. You should of went with kingston, for the price, reputation, and qaulity. :wahoo:
  5. http://www.legitreviews.com/article/388/11/

    here is the link. if you can't trust a site named "legit reviews", who can you trust? lol.
  6. Thanks! I'll just note that since the article is 2 years old now (eons in the memory market), it no longer applies to anything sold these days. Memory manufacturers change the makeup of their modules on sometimes a weekly basis (without changing product numbers!), so even "new" reviews often refer to only to stuff that is no longer available.
  7. OCZ ReaperX DDR2-800 MHz cold to the touch :)... 3-4-4-9 i believe timings... had a rebate of $30 the other week on tiger it was $90 ffs! unbelievable.
  8. I pick Mushkin.
    They are known for low latency capability.
    also for their hand-picked quality, their tech support and superb quality.
  9. Go for Mushkin...
  10. I've been a Mushkin user since the days of PC-3200 Black Line 222 Special Editions... Never failed to exceed my expectations... Truly a "Get More" Experience... :)
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