To upgrade or not to upgrade

I currently have a 8800GTS 512, and I am trying to decide if it is worth the money to upgrade to the 260 GTX. It would be through the EVGA set-up program, so if it has a $400 price tag, I would only be paying $150, but is that really worth the performance increase. From what I have seen, I am leaning towards no. I do like the CUDA stuff though. I don;t pay for power at my apartment (included in rent) so I would have no problem running F@H on the card whenever I was not using it.

What do you guys think?
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  1. Do u have any single problems with games ?
    8800GTS 512 is still a solid card
  2. No, everything seems to run great. I have a 24" monitor that I am sure is putting it through its paces, and since I am still covered under the set-up program, it would appear that I am not paying full price for it (which of course is just a ploy). If the performance difference is worth the $150 I would have no problem paying it. Maybe the 9800GX2 would be a better option, but I am not sure I could go $250.

  3. wait for the Radeon 4870... you could get it if it turns out to be a strong performer.
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