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Hi. I have a crappy old computer that I'm fixing up for my mom. I just have no idea how to set up the fans. I have room for 4 fans, all 80mm. There is one front fan at the bottom, 2 side fans, also pretty low, and a rear fan right below the power supply (the psu goes at the top in this case). Which fans should be intake and which should be exhaust?
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  1. i think it should be all intake apart from the back one which should be more powerful. im not 100% on that but.
  2. Front and sides (if any) intake, rear exhaust. The PSU is also an exhaust.
    If this "crappy, old" computer doesn't create a lot of heat, you may not need to bother with the side fans, which may add more noise than they are worth.
  3. Right, if there are settings I'd start by putting the front and side intakes to low and rear exhast to medium.... A 'balanced' air system is quietest....the intake fans' CFM's should equal the exhaust CFMs. Depending on your CPU you might be able to take out 1 or 2 of those old Dimension 4100 w/ Pentium 3 only had the CPU exhaust and the PSU fan. Didnt hear it at all...
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