New review Xfire with X48/38. P45/35

New review i saw about crossfiring HD4850s with those different boards. X48 wins, X38 comes in close, but the P45 isn't very far back. About 5% in different games
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  1. Saw it yesterday, kinda confirmed what I've read before in another review. Crossfire P45 & up.
  2. With the price of a P45 and X48 MB being about $100 difference;
    -> and the price difference between the 4850 and 4870 about $100;
    - -> it's beginning to look like the smart move would be P45 and 4870 over the X48 and 4850.
    Except maybe for anyone using a 30" monitor.

    For Crossfire set up for identical prices you could have;
    X48 and 2 4850 or
    P45 and 1 4870 and 1 4850

    Anyone buying just one GPU now and planning to CF later could get about 15-20% more performance while waiting to get the 2nd card.
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