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Hi, I have been on this forum many times looking for info about my ASUS A7N8X (no Extenions), but I was left wanting info on my particular hardware setup. I can see there is some knowledgeable people here and an IT friend suggested I post a thread and see if I can find the bios setup info I need. I found and bought this ASUS A7N8X MoBo and installed it on my ladyfriend's PC and it seems to run ok but I would like to know it is set up as best it can be. I can't find this info anywhere, so here I am with this query. The hardware configuration is this: ASUS A7N8X (no extension like deluxe or le) Rev.1004? (on the board itself right beside A7N8X there is a sticker that reads "Rev.1.06"), AMD Athlon 2000+ CPU, G-Force3 Ti200 Pro 128 video card, 1 Gig of RAM (with another 1 Gig. Mem. Module to install once I know it is set up properly), the power supply is 250w (an acceptable minimum, but I will be upgrading to a 4xx or 500w soon), the voltage jumpers are set to +5v (default) and the rest of the MoBo is setup properly from the specs on the manual. I'm looking for the bios setup specs for Advanced/Advanced Chipset Features. If someone can help I would be full of appreciation. :bounce:
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  1. Not sure what you mean by, " I'm looking for the bios setup specs for Advanced/Advanced Chipset Features." BIOS is adjustable, so there would not be any 'universal' setup other than 'default'. Take a look in the product manual and read what each setting in the advanced/advanced chipset features you are referring to pertains to and adjust accordingly. I have no such problem with mine, but my hardware is different than yours.

  2. OK badge, I appreciate the reply but the link you gave me at the end of your reply brought me to the Asus A7n8X-E Deluxe. I have the Asus A7N8X. The difference is like apples and oranges. They use 2 different chipsets. If it is true that it should detect my hardware and adjust automatically, that would be good, but I may have another problem. I just cleared the CMOS and the default settings for the "CPU External Frequency" is 100 MHz and the options are 133, 166, and 200 MHz. The Manual only shows the options available and of course nothing specific for my hardware config. I just found out that it is possible that the previous owner of this board flashed the BIOS with a PCB 2.0 BIOS Version which is not compatible with the PCB 1.06 Board - which is what my board is. I am going to attempt to flash my Bios back to the original and take it from there. I will post with my results later.
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