Swapping motherboard, CPU, ram, etc - do I need to reload Win and...

I've read a lot about upgrading motherboards... and, it doesn't touch on a few things I'd like to know BEFORE attempting anything;

I have an older 780i motherboard, and would LOVE to upgrade it, my CPU and my Ram.
(I'm having troubles playing 1080P raw video from my GoPro before editing - and have to load it into Sony Vegas so it'll play SMOOTHLY. Hence the upgrade, to correct some of the lag. AND, it's about time for an upgrade)

What I don't want to have to do;
RE-install Windows Vista
RE-install all of my programs.

If there's a way to upgrade, without having to re-install everything... or, if it'd help to upgrade to Win7 and then upgrade the mobo...etc, ... I'm all ears.

I'd hate to have to re-install ALL of my programs. I mean, it's a nightmare... being that I have to find the original uploads (some are on disc, some in files, and some licenses came in email) and their licenses. Which would like searching for a needle in a haystack (I should have kept ALL the pertinent information in a text file... yet, I didn't).

ANY help, would surely be appreciated.

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  1. I would do a clean install since you are changing the motherboard.
  2. I know what YOU would do... and what MOST will recommend, but that's NOT what I want to do... HENCE, the question.

    I ask again;

    HAS ANYONE successfully swapped motherboard, cpu, ram...etc to completely NEW and DIFFERENT (brand, style, model) components and NOT had to re-install the OS? IF YES, what OS did you perform this swap with (XP, Vista, 7...)?

    Please save the "suggestions" of... "you should install a new OS" or "you should do a clean install of the OS"

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