Do I need to Enable SSC For My New Hard Drive?

My current SATA HD (WD2500JD) has SSC enabled. It was installed that way in my Gateway. It has an Intel D926GAG motherboard.
My new HD is a SATA2 WD5000AAKS.
I'm looking to do a fresh install on the new drive to boot from a new SATA2 Card (which has a RAID option, for future use).
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  1. Please explain what SSC is.
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    "Sounds" to me like you can just take off the jumper and turn it off. It cuts out EMI sound interference - keeps the drive from possibly sending spikes of electrical noise to other drives or devices. Can't see it doing anything worthwhile in home/office system - perhaps if you were running in a nuclear lab!

    Seagate seems to have a SSC software option that's very complicated, but I believe WD just has the jumper and it won't affect anything.
  3. Thanks, I'll leave off the jumper.
    BTW, the WD2500JD had the jumper to DISABLE SSC, not enable it. I had to really dig around to find that out!
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