OCing the E8500 - am i forgetting something? :)

So basically im OC'ing my E8500.

Ive read the stickies but its alot of information to eat trough all at once :P.

My system setup is as follows:

Motherboard: GA-EP45-UD3P
CPU: E8500
Cooler: Xigmatek HDT-S1283
Ram: 8GB (2*2*2GB dual channel OCZ gold PC-8500 , 5 6 6 18 timings).
GFX: Sapphire Radeon HD4870 1GB
PSU: Corsair 750W TX

What ive done so far:

increased FSB from 333 to 400 (currently running at 3,8ghz).
Set Vcore to 1,25 (currently stress testing with prime 95)
Locked my PCI-E to 100hz.
Manually put in my ram timings, FSB:DRAM ratio is at 5:6, DRAM frequency running at 4

Temperatures according to Core Temp.

Idle: 46
Load: 69 (Prime95 running at 3rd hour).

Have i forgotten something? This is my first time, and id hate to have forgotten something and have the system blow up on me in an hour or so :)

thanks in advance.
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  1. Looks good to me, just idle teperature seems a bit high, or maybe its just me :) Make sure you have Round Off Checking enabed in prime95 options
  2. Thanks for the input. Ive been trying to lower the voltage a bit, but the system will go unstable =/.

    Anything else i can do to lower idle temperatures?

    When gaming, my load temp is only around 62.
  3. I am not sure about idle temps. did you get a good bed of thermal cpu grease?

    Load temps look fine. What are your core temps?

    Tom's C2D OC stickies say to set the CPUv higher than that for 45nm. I run my E7200 at 1.34v. It was having random lock ups at 1.32v. All good at 1.34v. My idle temps 40ish. Load temps 60ish, core temps 70ish.

    My cooler is a Sunbeam Core Contact Cooler, 120mm in an Antec 1200. you need plenty of air to keep things cool. What Case do you have this in?
  4. Are you sure the heatsink is seated properly? Did you get the bolt-thru kit? Did you use the thermal compound? Is the case ventilation good? I mean, you have one of the best coolers around and quite low voltage so i reckon at least the idle temp should be lower. For rough comparison my e5200 when OC`d to 4ghz with 1.55v idles at around 43C, and thats with a cheap freezer7-like cooler and MX-2 compound. Google "e8500 3.8ghz temps" and see other peoples results. I dont really know what to suggest apart from re-applying the compound and reseating the HSF.
  5. I have this in an Antec 182, with all 3 120mm fans connectec and running at full throttle under load, and on low under idle. (They have 1-2 degrees impact at most from what i can see).

    My thermal paste has a very thin even layer. I kind of understood it as less is more in this case, since it only has to fill in the small uneven layer so the HSF and CPU are connected?
  6. Your temps are fine. Your OC looks good. Did it pass prime? I have the same setup at 3.8.
  7. I did not get the bolt thru kit - didnt even know such a thing existed untill now :P.

    Will it improve temperatures? As far as i can tell, the HSF is currently stuck pretty nicely in my motherboard, but if you think this has a chance of lowering my idle and load temps i will for sure get me one.
  8. I dont know how much the bolt kit would help with temp, probably not that much. Ive never dealt with the s1283 myself, but from what i see on forums people suggest the kit due to the coolers height and weight. Those temps arent terrible, but i would have expected them to be lower in such setup, thats all Im saying. When you open CoreTemp, what does the Tj Max field read?
  9. read the stickies. The stickies state, only go over 1.4v on 45nm C2D at your own risk.
  10. My tjmax says 100 celcius.

    And to above poster (if it was to me :)), im running at 1,25V.
  11. Just for comparison, E8400 @ 4.05 Ghz @ 1.26v, two year old Ninja+ cooler, 1600 RPM fan, low 30's idle

    Your S1283 should do a little better than the Ninja. OH, I do have a low ambient temp at the moment, about 68 degrees F.

    http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/1905/405temps.th.jpg" class="img lazy">
  12. I guess it was to me. I read the stickies and i generally i dont run it at those volts, just did for testing. But Im not the one with problem here.

    Tjmax, some people say for e8500 its 95, some say 100, i dont really know. Anyway, are you bothered by those temperatures at all? Because even if they seem little high to me, theyre still within norm. Maybe you just have higher ambient temp.
  13. When im gaming i have a very high ambient temp, thats probably partly whats causing it.

    And no, im not bothered with the temp at all, and i dont plan on trying to OC it more anyways :)

    Thanks for your help guys :) was very appreciated.
  14. 45nm tj max is 95°C. I have my e8400 at 3.8 idles at 44-45 and under prime 95 at 58-59. Vcore 1.3----> under load 1.28
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