PSU and 8800 GTS

Hi I want to ask you guys,

1* if this PSU

PSU: Asus A-55GA 550W for P4

550W ATX , 1x 12cm fan with LED,
Active corection / PFC /.
Connectors for feeding motherboard 1x20 +4pin, 2x FDD, 8x
periphery, 4x SATA, 1x 12V, 1x PCI-E. +3,3V/30A, +5V/28A, +12V1/18A +12V2/18A, -12V/1A, 5VSB/2A.
dimension 140x150x84 mm.

will run this system configuration

motherboard: MSI K9A2 CF F
processor: AMD Athlon64 X2 6000+ DUALCORE AM2
2x memory: KINGSTON DDR2 2GB 800MHz
HDD: Western Digital SE 320GB 8 SATA2
graphics card: MSI GeForce NX8800GTS 512 MB PCX OC

2* if those +12V1/18A and +12V2/18A means 36A together for graphics card and if they are enough for 8800GTS

thank you all :)
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  1. 2x18 amps is not the same as 36amps on a single rail. There is some loss on rail switching. But still, it should be enough for your system.
  2. yah, I run mine on a 450 watt, officially 16a 12v1 and 17a 12v2
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