X-Fi Titanium vs Asus D2x

Need to get me a soundarcd, as I'm finally tired with the flat and dull sound from my onboard Ac'97

Have to choose between those two cards - X-Fi Titanium and Asus D2X.
The main problem is, that I use Vista64, so I'm not sure if the Titanium works ok, under the vista, or does it still need the crap Alchemy software, as Asus clearly has no problem with Vista.

Other question is audio quality, I've read in reviews, that Asus uses software emulation of Eax, so anyone can confirm, if the sound quality will not be hampered by software emulation.
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  1. I have the Asus Xonar DX, dont count on EAX working it uses software emulation which basically increases cpu load and the it dosnt support the full voices for EAX or something like that.

    Either way BF2 in EAX has alot of crackles/anomalies and i even get crackles on the desktop occasionally. Havnt tested any other EAX games but ive read that alot dont work.
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